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Nabi Ghaith Trail - 1.April.2018
01 April 2018

After finishing the delicious home made Maqloubeh, we sat their in the middle of a left meadow under the orange trees hearing only a far away sound of the water touching the stones gently, we realized how much we usually miss in our daily lives, in this trail we experienced different emotions from sadness to happiness, excitement and much much more.

DeirEstia & Wadi Qana Trail 15-7-2012
22 July 2012

A group of Palestinian ladies visiting from the UAE and the USA, gathered on the 15th of July in front of Rozana association to start a journey of memories.They are old friends that separated after marriage, but arranged to reunite on a visit to the countryside of Palestine along the DeirIstia trail just to spend few special hours exploring the nostalgic fragrance of this land, its memories stories and traditions.

Nabi Ghaith 27-4-2012
09 May 2012

A group of 33 locals gathered in front of rozana association at 9:00am to join On the 23th of April a group of 33 people, mainly consisting of the folk dance group Al- Fnoun, gathered in front of the office of Rozana association to join Rozana´s staff on the Nabi Ghaith Sufi Trail.

Nabi Ghaith 25-4-2012
08 May 2012

In the allies of the old town in Berziet a group from Germany starts their day, excited to explore the Palestinian villages, and walk through the mountains and the valleys of these villages.

Nabi Ghaith 20-4-2012
07 May 2012

A 9:30 am the group gathered in the rozana association office a history teacher from the United States and her son, and one lady from Switzerland, and couple of friends from the locals. From the beginning the group had a great deal of harmony among each other, they start talking and laughing.

Nabi Ghaith 13-4-2012
06 May 2012

  At 10:30am seven foreigner teachers arrived to Birzeit, they heard about the Sufi trail from rozana advertisement in “this week in Palestine” they came from Beit Hannina- Jerusalem. At 11:00am the bus headed to Al-Qatrwany shrine in Attarah village, where Mr. Raafat Jamil explained

Deir Ghassaneh 6-4-2012
05 May 2012

At 9:00am fifteen tourists arrived to rozana office at the old town of Birzeit, seven of them were international tourists and eight were internal tourists. At the office the group purchased traditional cross stitching, and accessories that are made by a group of women.

Nabi Ghaith 20-2-2012
15 March 2012

According to the schedule the bus headed to Al-Qatrwany shrine in Atara village at 9:30 am. Next stop was Em Safa forest where the group enjoyed the beauty of Cyprus trees.

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