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Dier Ammar
23 February 2012

The modern village of Deir Ammar is built around the ruins of the old town, which can still be seen at the top of the hill. At the highest point is a small Ottoman-era tomb known as the shrine of Sheikh Tameh. Around the shrine you can explore the remains of the old houses. As in almost all Palestinian

23 February 2012

Modern Birzeit is a thriving community built around an historic hilltop village known as al-Khirbeh – the ruin. Birzeit translates as 'well of oil’, and almost certainly refers to the olive oil that has been the mainstay of the economy here for centuries. In recent decades, Birzeit has

Deir Ghassaneh
23 February 2012

    Deir Ghassaneh stands out among the Palestinian village of the highlands. For more than four hundred years it was an Ottoman 'throne village, its feudal sheikhs ruling over surrounding communities as far away as the coastal plains and enriching themselves with the taxes levied on the

08 January 2012

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