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Nabi Ghaith 20-2-2012

According to the schedule  the bus headed to Al-Qatrwany shrine in Atara village at 9:30 am. Next stop was Em Safa forest where the group enjoyed the beauty of Cyprus trees.

The group then headed to Al- Assira Shrine in the village of Beitillu. Mr. Rafaat Jamil explained to the ladies the name behind this shrine and the historical story about it, after that the group hiked up to the top of a mountain at Deir Ammar to reach Nabi Ghaith shrine where they enjoyed the outstanding landscape of this village and took great photos of the site and the surrounding landscape. 

The group, then, hiked down to Wadi Natuf passing the beautiful Springs of Ein Fatima and Ein al-Tineh where they enjoyed the relaxing sound of water andthe wild birds in the valley.

At 3:00 pm the group reached Ein Zarqa where the Beitillu women organization was waiting for them with a specially prepared home made Palestinian food.

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