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Deir Ghassaneh 6-4-2012



At 9:00am fifteen tourists arrived to rozana office at the old town of Birzeit, seven of them were international tourists and eight were internal tourists.

At the office the group purchased traditional cross stitching, and accessories that are made by a group of women. According to the schedule at 10:00am the bus headed to Al-Qatrwany shrine in Attarah village, the next stop was Eim Safah forests where the group enjoyed the beauty of Cypress trees.

Then according to the schedule we were suppose to visit Al-Nabi Saleh village but the Israeli soldiers forbided us from crossing so we had to turn from Abood Village this caused a delay in the schedule.

After all we arrived to Dier Ghassaneh where the group purchased some snacks and drinks from the local supermarket, then start the hiking through the hills of Dier Ghassaneh, the group enjoyed the landscape of this Village and start taking photos of the beautiful wild flowers, then they reached Al- Bnat sea, and Al-Kbarat where the guide explained the meaning of Alkbarat and the history behind them he also explained the story behind the names.

The group reached Al- Majghoub Sufi Shrine, there were a local family who were picnicking at the site, and that was a great coincidence because the family showed a great deal of hospitality where they offered tea and coffee th the group, the group also enjoyed chitchatting with the locals, this reflects the real meaning of the cultural exchange which is one of the most important goals of these trails.



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