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Nabi Ghaith 13-4-2012


At 10:30am seven foreigner teachers arrived to Birzeit, they heard about the Sufi trail from rozana advertisement in “this week in Palestine” they came from Beit Hannina- Jerusalem.

At 11:00am the bus headed to Al-Qatrwany shrine in Attarah village, where Mr. Raafat Jamil explained the two stories behind the name “AL- Qattrawani” and explained the meaning of Sufism. The group headed to Al- Assireh Shrine at Bittelo village, they showed their appreciation toward the beauty of this shrine and the legendary story behind it.

When the group reached Deir Ammar they were asked to purchase some snacks from a store in the village, by coincidence there was an old lady cooking in an old oven near the store, she insisted to taste the delicious traditional Palestinian bread “Taboon”, the group loved the worm taste of the bread thanked the lady and moved on.

Then they hiked up to the top of a mountain to reach Nabi Ghaith shrine where they enjoyed the outstanding landscape of this village from above.

Then they hiked strait down to Natoof valley and enjoyed the beautiful Springs of Deir Ammar, Ain Fatmeh and Ein Altineh springs where they enjoyed the relaxing sound of water and wild Palestinian birds.
During the walk the group found a farmer and his family working in the land, the family invited the group to have some tea, they sat under the tree enjoyed the worm welcoming.


They continued the hiking to reach AL-Zarqa springs, at 3:00pm had the lunch that was made by the women association of Deir Ammar, the group sat under a tree and enjoyed their lunch.


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