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Nabi Ghaith 20-4-2012


A 9:30 am the group gathered in the rozana association office a history teacher from the United States and her son, and one lady from Switzerland, and couple of friends from the locals. From the beginning the group had a great deal of harmony among each other, they start talking and laughing.

At 10:00am the bus headed to Al-Qatrwany shrine in Attarah village, where Mr. Raafat Jamil explained the two stories behind the name “AL- Qattrawani” and explained the meaning of Sufism. The group headed to Al- Assireh Shrine at Bittelo village, they showed their appreciation toward the beauty of this shrine and the legendary story behind it, Abu Jamil also explained the conflict between the villagers and the settlers in that area since it was forbidden to the villagers to inter this forest, and he explained how the villagers face the settlers especially during the olive harvest.

Then we reached Bettillo village to Al-Assireh shrine, the group was amazed by the beauty of the place and knew the story behind this place, the history teacher took some notes.
After that we headed to Deir Ammar village and hiked up to Nabi Ghiath shrine, where the cypress trees surround the shrine as if its protecting it from any harm.

Then they hiked strait down to Natoof valley and enjoyed the beauty of the landscape, during the walk the group reached a farmer and his family they had some tea and enjoyed the villagers hospitality, and then headed to see the beautiful Springs of Deir AmmarAin Fatmeh, Ein Altineh spring, Al Shakhariq springs and Ghzalyat spring where they enjoyed the relaxing sound of water and wild Palestinian birds.

Then the group passed through the water mills that are from the Othman era, then saw Al- qabaratt which are a place where the ancient villagers used to melt the rocks and turn them into a Calcareous powder use them in the construction of their houses.
They continued the hiking to reach AL-Zarqa springs, at 3:30pm had the lunch that was made by the women association of Deir Ammar, the group sat under a tree and enjoyed their lunch.


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