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Nabi Ghaith 25-4-2012


In the allies of the old town in Berziet a group from Germany starts their day, excited to explore the Palestinian villages, and walk through the mountains and the valleys of these villages.

At 10:00am the group reached Al- Qattrawani Shrine in Attara Village, where the guide Mr. Raat Jamil explained the name behind this shrine and gives them information about the church sitting near the shrine (saint Catharine), they had a cup of Arabic coffee and move on to the next stop.

The next stop was Al-Assireh Shrine; the group was amazed with the beauty of that place and heard the mysterious story behind it.
Then hiked up to top of a hill and found Nabi Ghaith Shrine on the top of the hill surrounded with the oak trees like if its protecting the shrine from any harm.

Straight down to the valley the group walked to reach Fatma, Ein Tineh and Ghzalyeh Springs, finally headed to Al-Zaerqa spring where they had their lunch.




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