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Nabi Ghaith 27-4-2012

On the 23th of April a group of 33 people, mainly consisting of the folk dance group Al- Fnoun, gathered in front of the office of Rozana association to join Rozana´s staff on the Nabi Ghaith Sufi Trail.

The ancient beautiful Palestinian landscape with its valleys and hilltops has witnessed the hidden history of this country and seen decades of happiness, struggling and dignity. During our walk we got to know some of this history - we passed different shrines (the Al- Qattrawani Shrine and Al- Assireh Shrine), ancient mills, views of the Palestinian coast and beautiful springs. We also learned of the myths of the shrines, about Sufism and the history of Othman era.

At the end of the trail, we had delicious Palestinian maklobeh by the Al- Zarqa springs, a remarkable place where we enjoyed the relaxing sounds of the running water and the birds with the smell of the lemon trees.


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