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DeirEstia & Wadi Qana Trail 15-7-2012

A group of Palestinian ladies visiting from the UAE and the USA, gathered on the 15th of July in front of Rozana association to start a journey of memories.They are old friends that separated after marriage, but arranged to reunite on a visit to the countryside of Palestine along the DeirIstia trail just to spend few special hours exploring the nostalgic fragrance of this land, its memories stories and traditions.

The trail started with a stroll in the historic area of Birziet, Mr. Ra’fat Jamil explained how this area was rehabilitated and introduced the visitors to the centers and businesses that opened since the development process was initiated within the houses, attics and streets of the old town.

The group then headed to Attara Village to visit AL Qatrwani Sufi Shrine. Mr. Jamil explained the story of Sufism in Palestine and the story of AL-Qatrwani. The group travelled by bus to DeirIstia and was marveled and excited with the beauty of the Palestinian countryside in spite of some imposing settlements that appeared here and there along the way.

In DierIstia Village, the group was well received and welcomed by the village mayor. He lead them on a tour around the old city of his beautiful village, and were particularly impressed by its old castle.

He spoke to them of the village’s history and explained how the Israelis tried to buy some of the old stones and doors but the villagers refused reflecting a deep understanding of the importance and value of such heritage.

During their visit of the old city of DierIstia, an old lady invited the group to have some tea in her house which they enjoyed and indulged in conversations as if they knew each other for years. They remembered how our country was and how the occupation changed its features.

The group was treated to a delicious Palestinian home made meal, after which they went on a short hike in the beautiful green landscape of WadiQana. After a short rest around the Wadi’s spring and under a clear blue sky, it was time to head back.
The Rozana wishes the group the best of luck and thank them for taking one of its excursions


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